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by the time news of the harrowing collision became public… in both, there are hardliners, who seems to miss the days of cold war chest thumping, arrayed against accommodationists, who value, among other peace dividends, the $116 billion in annual trade…. The White House had decided not to attack the Chinese pilot for hotdogging near the U.S. plane, and instead called the collision an “accident.”… A tantalizing question through the first tense days was how much the 43rd President was huddling with the 41st. Bush gave no hint, even to some of his closest aides, that he was talking to his father, but everyone in the West Wing assumed he was. … He should have known that the Chinese don't respond well to bluster.
Saving Face By Nancy Gibbs And Michael Duffy Et Al. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,999668,00.html On the Chinese fighter collision with US spy plane incident. Hainan Island incident
bluster = To speak in a loudly arrogant or bullying manner. (AHD)
harrowing = Extremely distressing; agonizing: a harrowing experience. (AHD)


But a market which is obsessed with the tools and the appurtenances rather than the actual effects is clearly focusing on the wrong thing.
~2000. commentary on software by Nathan Myhrvold.
appurtenance = a supplementary component that improves capability. accessory; supplement; add-on.


Loopholes, though, are just the colorful, exotic side of the story. One of the great bipartisan axioms of our times is that if you irritate the rich and the corporations — for example, by insisting that they cough up some tax revenue — they'll get all huffy and will refuse to create any jobs for the rest of us.
Helping the Rich Stay That Way By Barbara Ehrenreich. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,980556,00.html
if memory serves, back when Ken only had a theory of neuroscience, not a theory of the universe, he kept talking about visiting college campuses and giving seminars where all the faculty would leave in huffs, but the students would sit rapt for hours and hours.
CompuServe Math forum post on a charlatan, early 1990
huffy = roused to anger.


For those of us tired of the mindless preening, addlepated twittering, and senseless drivel that predominates other Orkut sex forums. Bring me your hungry, your perverse, your whoremonger smut snobs possessed of wit and savvy. Let us be lascivious and speak of taboo, tantalizing things as geeks and adults and brethren all sopping wet and throbbing hard yet possessed of communication skills. Barring that, let's just get nasty and make fun of stupid people.
2004, online forum charter at “orkut.com”.
preen = To dress with, or as with, a preen; to trim or dress with the beak, as the feathers.
addlepated = stupid and confused; used especially of persons.


So I have never met this bodacious Australian gamine, but her infinite sea of humor and playfulness… ah without it, Orkut would hardly be complete, no, not for me. I hope we meet up in our next lives as feline vikings, and eat many children.
2004, online friend-making site orkut.com “testimonial”.
bodacious = unrestrained by convention or propriety.
gamine = urchin, waif or playful, naughty child. gamine


tumblebug is a bug (beetle) that rolls dung.


Although the PC market overall has lurched into the doldrums again, notebooks have fared better than desktops in a variety of markets for some time.
New Pentium 4-M breaks 2GHz barrier John G Spooner. CNet Source
doldrums = A period of stagnation or slump. [From obsolete doldrum, dullard, alteration (influenced by TANTRUM) of Middle English dold, past participle of dullen, to dull, from dul, dull. See dull.] (AHD) doldrums


I'm a man festooned with diseases and warts. You do not want to know me. The pain inside me is beyond your comprehension.
Xah Lee
festoon = A garland or wreath hanging in a depending curve, used in decoration for festivals, etc. festoon


The occupation began a few weeks ago, the day the big parcel arrived from Microsoft. “The Xbox,” said a co-worker we'll call Stein. He eyed the package hungrily, as if it were a hot pizza walking by itself down the hall. “Anyone want to play football?” asked his sidekick, JT. The two of them followed the thing into my office, where I uncrated it. It was a VCR-size video-game console, black with a dollop of mint jelly. I attached it to my TV. My friends elbowed me aside and booted up NFL Fever.
The Box Meets The Cube By Josh Quittner. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1001240,00.html


not to be confused with wither. Penises can wither. Whither is like a mix of whether, where, which. Not used in normal moden writings.


If you aren't used to sleeping twelve hours a night doing so will just make you groggy.
groggy = stunned or confused and slow to react.


Bourdon said the fact KHTML's small size — 140,000 lines of code — let Apple build a browser that is a svelte 3 MB in size. He compared that with Netscape's more than 17 MB, though that includes an e-mail reader and other peripheral applications.
Apple snub stings Mozilla By Paul Festa, CNET News.com.
svelte = gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease.


Supertramp - Breakfast in America Lyrics:

Take a look at my girlfriend
She's the only one I got
Not much of a girlfriend
Never seem to get a lot

Take a jumbo across the water
Like to see America
See the girls in California
I'm hoping it's going to come true
But there's not a lot I can do

Could we have kipper for breakfast
Mummy dear, Mummy dear
They got to have 'em in Texas
Cos everyone's a millionaire

I'm a winner, I'm a sinner
Do you want my autograph
I'm a loser, what a joker
I'm playing my jokes upon you
While there's nothing better to do

Don't you look at my girlfriend
She's the only one I got
Not much of a girlfriend
Never seem to get a lot

Take a jumbo cross the water
Like to see America
See the girls in California
I'm hoping it's going to come true
But there's not a lot I can do
kipper = salted and smoked herring. kipper


New Year disquiets me


“Oleg” is not the first person to encounter a text that presents the reader with two simultaneous impossibilities: (1) a different view to a reality he does not recognize but feels he should, and (2) such a powerful model (or set of models) that the reader has two choices: (a) to bow to and accept it, or (b) be steamrollered by it. The failure to deal with such impossibilities causes people to take to the street to protest against high prices of necessities, to fight globalization with riots, etc. The /right/ way to deal with it is of course to challenge the underlying model, but this requires both skill and intelligence; hence his profound sense of powerlessness.
online computing forum message, by kook persona Erik Naggum, 2003-01-10, “comp.lang.lisp” Source


Ammunition and munition basically means the same thing. Ammunition means projectiles (bullets and missile etc) etc, while munition means all war material.


Song: Life in Mono:
The stranger sang a theme
From someone else's dream
The leaves began to fall
And no one spoke at all
But I can't seem to recall
When you came along

I just don't know what to do

The tree-lined avenue
Begins to fade from view
Drowning past regrets
In tea and cigarettes
But I can't seem to forget
When you came along

I just don't know what to do
Lyrics of song Mono ♪ “Ingénue”.


So we swim naked across the crystal clear blue lake to a verdant isle, where we passionately make love in a dark, secluded glade
2004. From online forum. (Lorand)
glade = a tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area.


The indolent moon shall wax with dolorous lust.
2004. From online forum. (Lorand)
indolent = disinclined to work or exertion.
dolorous = Full of grief; sad; sorrowful.