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I'm from Jersey and currently studying in Manchester (final year) - hate hate hate computer science (and liars). I'd like to think of myself as a creative 21st-century charming gentleman of bohemian tastes and moderate height who is open-minded yet not easily inveigled, so message me if you dig. no fat chicks. P.S. I apologise profusely to those of you who don't understand words like “inveigle” or “profusely” - I just needed some way of deterring the riffraff.
from a personal profile on a social networking site “orkut.com”.
inveigle = influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering.
bohemian = The term bohemian, of French origin, was first used in the English language in the nineteenth century[1] to describe the untraditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, musicians, and actors in major European cities. Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or antiestablishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through non-marital sexual relations, frugality, and/or voluntary poverty. Bohemianism.
riffraff = Sweepings; refuse; the lowest order of society.


American Heritage Dictionary defines chagrin as: “disquietude or distress of mind caused by humiliation, disappointment, or failure”.


Former Tyco International Ltd. Chairman Dennis Kozlowski arrives with his wife Karen at New York Supreme court March 30, 2004. Jurors in the corruption trial of two former Tyco International Ltd. executives resumed deliberations on Tuesday, while defense attorneys renewed their efforts to have the case declared a mistrial. Lawyers for Kozlowski and ex-finance chief Mark Swartz argued that anonymous comments in Internet chatrooms about an apparent holdout juror could prevent the jury from reaching a fair verdict in one of the biggest cases of U.S. corporate corruption. (Chip East/Reuters)
2004-03, US business news. See also: Dennis Kozlowski.

haute couture

one of my interest is haute couture.
See also: Haute couture


I'd have a lot of fun with it if I had time to just go spelunking in the communities and personae to see what and who is there. I'd like to post more, to stimulate some of them.
email about online forums.


The demonstrators, many bused in from other cities, put on yellow rain ponchos to protect them from a cold drizzle and filled up the wide boulevard in front of the Presidential Office. They chanted and listened to fiery speeches bashing President Chen Shui-bian.


Lasso, tiara, or bullet-dodging bracelets?
2004, from forum on Wonder Woman.See also: Tiara.


If yummier urges happen naturally, like playing footsy in a theater, or curling up on the couch, that's very pleasant!
2004, self-description in a dating forum


While many Chinese vilify Mao for his brutality, he is also admired for his power and his role as one of the most influential historical figures in the 20th century. His remains are enshrined in a mausoleum in Tiananmen Square.
article on Mao Zedong.


Inquiror: “how much risk do you have in your portfolio?”. The rich: “scads, scads! I have so much money that sometimes i trip over. Look at my chin, over a pile of gold bricks.”
2004 April, from a (hilarious) radio ad for financial investment risk management.


unitard, leotard, catsuit are all similar. They are all one-piece skin-tight elastic wardrobes. Leotard is with bikini bottom — pantless, usually worn by girl gymnasts. Unitard is with pants, worn typically by male gymnasts. Catsuit is lingerie for women. While, jumpsuit is for plane jumpers such as parachuters.
See also Catsuit.


… But I do applaud your sense of pugilism.
a taunt from online chat rooms


tetanus is also known as lockjaw
See also: Tetanus


THE DIGITAL IMPRIMATUR: How big brother and big media can put the Internet genie back in the bottle.
caption for an essay on Internet. 2003. “The Digital Imprimatur” 2003-09-13 by John Walker (programmer) Source


Saturday's flashmob event was a dry-run designed to measure how much computing power hundreds of connected computers could generate, rather than to tackle a specific task.


I'd be happy to explain any weird science that's vexing you, but I'm also interested in all sorts of other stuff (history, politics, art, culture, etc). I like having neat peripatetic conversations with strangers, so if you're bored drop me a line sometime.
2004. From online personal self description.


when i go into a adorned typical shopping mall in a big city of the rich American, my face mold into a permanent agoraphobic grin. Everyone else, those rich, beautiful, happy, normal, carefree, a-dime-a-dozen, ignoramus pigs are enjoying themselves and ready to discriminate me. Therefore i grimace into a grin, shewing my ease and magnanimity. —Xah Lee
There is a wonderful French movie Thomas in love 2000 about a agoraphobic guy.


The small, fast ships were ideally suited to low-volume, high-profit goods, such as spices, and most commonly, tea. Given their speed and maneuverability, clippers frequntly mounted cannon or caronade and were often employed as pirate vessels, privateers, smuggling vessels, and in interdiction service.


activities: Late-comer college student, committed lover, father, poet, waiter, painter, go-player, and freelance dervish.
2004-03. from a online personal profile self-description


Pronunciation tends to change in time. I think no one really knows why. Metathesis is one of the patterns people who study this stuff have noticed. Another pattern is a straightforward shift in the pronunciation of individual sounds. Look up Grimm's Law. For instance, plosives commonly change to aspirates, and switch their voicing in the process. Thus the older Latin word pater became father in English. Many words underwent similar changes in pronunciation. Again I think no one really knows why. But it does seem to follow a general pattern.
2004. linguistic forum message
Metathesis: Old English: brid. Modern English: Bird; curd: crud; pretty pronounced pertty (by American white trash of Bible Belt fame) See also: Metathesis (linguistics).