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Hi! My name is Lisa. I was born under a cabbage leaf over 40 years ago. I'm married to a wonderful, stick-in-the-mud, loving, caring husband. We have a 17 year old son who is in puberty. Puberty is hell.
online homepage http://hometown.aol.com/crrickkett/


When the Panther OS is released in September, it will be optimized for 64-bit, so by this fall the Apple G5 will be one hellacious computing machine
2003-06, online tech news
Note: hellacious is not the same as “hellish”, though similar. AHD gives this definition:adj. 1. Distasteful and repellant: hellacious smog. 2. Slang Extraordinary, remarkable: a hellacious catch of fish.

pyrrhic victory

In 2003, the Euro dollar is strong against US dollar. However, such is not good for Europeans merchants who import to US. My friend commented that value of Euro to US dollars is a pyrrhic victory. His usage is not exactly correct. See Pyrrhic victory


a friend philosopher studies hermeneutics. In that context, the word exegesis comes up often.


Tell me Will, did you enjoy it? Your first murder? Of course you did. And why shouldn't it feel good? It does to God. Why only last week in Texas, he dropped a whole church roof on the heads of 34 of his worshippers, just as they were groveling for him. He wouldn't begrudge you one journalist.
from movie Red Dragon (film) (2002)


if you want a job, you'll have to make a deal with Yubaba. She's the head honcho here.
movie Spirited Away dialogue (2003)


He's Yubaba's henchman. Don't trust anything he says.
movie Spirited Away dialogue (2003)


“anyway, i'm thinking maybe thursday or Friday i'll go, I'll give you a ring early next week.”. “Sounds good. Keep me apprised.”
friend Paul K in online chat


airborne is something in the air. For example, when an airplane is in the air (as opposed to on the ground), we say it is airborne. Waterborne is similar, with respect to water.


Placerville (stands for placer gold deposits — waterborne) is midway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, about 2,300 feet elevation. Founded as a 49-er mining town. (2300 feet ~= 701 km.)
friend Paul K in online chat
See also: Placer mining


Mementos as Document Retrieval Keys


Literature avers that Unix succeeded because of its technical superiority. This is not true. Unix was evolutionarily superior to its competitors, but not technically superior. Unix became a commercial success because it was a virus. Its sole evolutionary advantage was its small size, simple design, and resulting portability. Later it became popular and commercially successful because it piggy-backed on three very successful hosts: the PDP-11, the VAX, and Sun workstations. (The Sun was in fact designed to be a virus vector.)


American Heritage Dictionary defines “plethora” as superabundance.


what if we sweat Lector?

AHD: To extract (information) from someone under duress.


“you are privy to a great becoming… but you recognize nothing.”
dialogue from movie Red Dragon (film) (2002), said by the protagonist.


This inspirational fable by Brazilian author and translator Coelho has been a runaway bestseller throughout Latin America and seems poised to achieve the same prominence here.
online book review, 2003, on Paulo Coelho's “The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream”.


During one of these train trips, Rowling had an epiphany about an orphaned boy wizard named Harry Potter and began inventing characters and settings.
Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2003, on Harry Potter's author Kathleen Rowling


Ms. Stewart traded on inside information — for which she was not charged — and then tried to cover up her misdeed. Her savings were a piddling amount, $51,000.
The Tribune-Review Publishing Co., 2004-03-06, news on Martha Stewart


Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW - news), looking to poach customers from a rival in a weak market for server computers, said on Thursday it had begun contacting companies that may be worried about a legal challenge to IBM's rights to the Unix (news - web sites) operating system.
online tech news.«Sun Looking to Swoop In on Worried IBM Customers», Reuters, 2003-06-20?.


“It's all very exciting,” deadpanned marine biologist Sylvia Earle, who holds the world's record for untethered undersea exploration — the oceans' equivalent of spacewalking. “It confirms what many of us had suspected for a long time.”
[Mars Critics Say Billions Are Ill-Spent By Joseph B Verrengia, Associated Press. At http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A36789-2004Mar6.html , accessed on 2014-09-17 ]
“Totally predictable,” deadpanned Erica Jong, author of the 1973 sex fantasy Fear of Flying.
Now for the Truth About Americans and Sex By Philip Elmer-Dewitt. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,981624-3,00.html