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Luxor incorporates so many amenities that it's almost an entire vacation in itself. The spacious rooms are done in all manner of Eastern finery, and surround the world's largest atrium.
2003-10, vegas.com on the hotle Luxor.


… “According to ZDNet, Microsoft will more actively participate in chip design for the next version of its Xbox gaming console, tentatively called Xbox Next. By switching from using relatively standard parts to more customized silicon, the company can better optimize its game console, due in 2005. At the same time, the move potentially gives the company a toehold in a completely new market.”
2003, online article


rancorous election


While most skycaps are cordial, a good many treat customers with blank indifference, knowing harried travelers don't want to brave counter check-ins, especially in the post 9/11 age. Their work is more mindless than that of a McDonald's counter clerk, who at least has to bag the order correctly.
Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S. By Chris Pummer, CBS.MarketWatch.com. source


NASA's Astrobiology Magazine today has an interview with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, who spearheaded the first interplanetary sundial, which will land on Mars in early January.
online news slashdot.org, 2003-10-09


A cop eventually rappelled down the outside of the building, shot the tiger with a tranquilizer dart and ended the crisis.
time.com, “Never Trust A Tiger” by Michael D Lemonick.


In an update to an earlier Slashdot article, Telco giant AT&T rushed to withdraw two notices sent to business partners and customers asking for the IP addresses of all outbound SMTP servers because of a ‘human error’ gaffe.
slashdot.org , 2003-10-23


Yahoo! is reporting that the “U.S. Senate passed the first national anti-spam bill on Wednesday, giving momentum to an issue that has riled consumers almost as much as dinnertime phone calls.”
slashdot.org 2003-10-23


Deadbeat Parents Can Get Clean Slate in South Bay
2003-08 online news


Ricardo Reis was a poet of Sad Epicureanism, master of highly wrought, metaphysical and neoclassical odes.
2003, online article


Some economists thought that was a bunch of malarkey


Job creation begets rally
CNN news. 2003-10


Of course there were indications that these noble people grieved for the uprooted treasures, as expressed through the myth that the Caryatids could be heard wailing at night for their missing sister.
from a article that cries for the repatriation of the sculpture “Victory at Samothrace” from France back to Greece. See Report on Caesars Palace, Las Vegas,


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — Roy Horn of the Las Vegas duo Siegfried and Roy, who was mauled by a white tiger last week during his act, “is totally aware that he is fighting for his life,” show manager Bernie Yuman said Tuesday.
2003-10-07, cnn.com


Apparently as a result of the Ivy-League uppity belief that all the world should be like them (and also as a result of trying to avoid studying for exams), one of the posters suggested that they “invade” a real, populated newsgroup and “rile up the stupid people”…
2003, online essay on newsgroup culture


This article was posted directly to alt.tv.beavis-n-butthead. The regulars at that group, wondering what the world was coming to, scoffed at the notion of a couple of stuck-up geeks from Harvard calling them “ruffians”, and a few unpleasantries were exchanged.
2003, online essay on newsgroup culture


Americans love movies that is slash-and-burn. (e.g. Terminator, Speed…)


she's moxie.
See also: Moxie.


(AP) - President Bush on Wednesday took personal responsibility for the first time for using discredited intelligence in his State of the Union address, but predicted he would be vindicated for going to war against Iraq.
2003-07, online news


this word i heard on the radio, being the tie-breaker for first price in a Spelling Beecontest. Note that, spelling bee is the most worthless time-wasting and ruinous English activity masquerading itself as a good citizen in advancing literature or eliminating illiteracy.