Hyphenated Words, page 2


a roly-poly guy who resembled the cop in the film
roly-poly = a rotund individual; pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed.

goody two-shoes

“… cause there's nothing I hate more than goody-two-shoes”. (shouted a sadistic mistress with her whip smacking down the tender ass of a innocent goody two-shoes blonde.)
Japanese erotic comics Bondage Fairies by Kondom. Buy at amazon.
goody two-shoes = goody-goody; Affectedly sweet, good, or virtuous. From children's story The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes. Goody Two-Shoes


you theory is a bit far-fetched.
far-fetched = Brought from far, or from a remote place. Not easily or naturally deduced or introduced; forced; strained; hence, implausible or improbable.


Wall-eyed is funnier than cross-eyed.
[“SUCK SCHOOL OF COMIC ART”, PART TWO: Basic Laws of Comic People At http://www.suck.com/daily/97/11/07/2.html]


… those well-heeled, starry-eyed Macintosh users …
? [article on Apple's Cube computer]
starry-eyed = unrealistically or naively optimistic.
well-heeled = in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich.


Title of a 1997 action film Face/Off.
face-off = a hostile disagreement face-to-face.


She suggested it should have had environmental advice or a website link during the end credits, adding it was “troubling” that by the end “humans return to Earth and it seems as if everything will just be hunky-dory”.
hunky-dory = being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition.


The heavy-handed marketing campaign, as any business-school student can testify, worked for a while and then backfired. After an initial spurt of sales, word got out that the radical new machine was annoyingly underpowered and grossly overpriced — a yuppie toy. Although Apple eventually solved most of the computer's problems, IBM compatibles still dominate the personal- computer business. The Macintosh today remains stuck in a niche, with a market share that hovers around 10%.
How Mac Changed the World By Philip Elmer-Dewitt Monday. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,980035,00.html?iid=digg_share
yuppie = a young upwardly mobile professional person; someone under 40 who prospered during the 1980s. yuppie
heavy-handed = Clumsy; awkward; tactless; indiscreet; oppressive; harsh. (AHD)


was that Oppenheimer had been railroaded and ruined by the witch-hunters.
railroad = (informal) To convict (a accused person) without a fair trial or on trumped-up charges.
witch-hunt = searching out and harassing dissenters. Witch-hunt


The grass-roots campaign to slip prayer back into school is aimed at a chink in the Supreme Court's rulings: the court has never expressly stated whether voluntary student prayers are permissible. A mail campaign spearheaded by TV evangelist and onetime presidential candidate Pat Robertson has sent every high school principal and attorney general in the nation literature urging that such prayers be allowed as an expression of “free speech” and “equal access to the marketplace of ideas.” (His organization does not advocate student prayers on school-wide intercoms, the practice that got Mississippi principal Bishop Knox suspended.)
Is There a Place For God in School? By Richard N Ostling; Jeff Hooten/Washington. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,980492,00.html
chink = a narrow opening.
grass-roots = of or involving the common people as constituting a fundamental politico-economic group.


As a card-carrying feminist, I …
card-carrying = Being a enrolled member of a particular organization; Avidly devoted to a group or cause.


skinny-dipping with her.
skinny-dipping = swim in the nude. Skinny dipping


Lined up on one side are the three-letter cloak-and-dagger agencies - the NSA (National Security Agency), the CIA and the FBI
Who Should Keep the Keys? By Philip Elmer-Dewitt; David S Jackson/San Francisco and Suneel Ratan/Washington. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,980329-1,00.html
cloak-and-dagger = conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods.


cul-de-sac is a passage with only one outlet, as a street closed at one end, or in anatomy, any bag-shaped or tubular cavity, vessel, or organ, open only at one end. Typically, residential areas of houses often has a dead end ending in a round curve, where houses surround it. That's a cul-de-sac.
cul-de-sac = a dead-end, in particular with a sac-like ending. cul-de-sac


So are hundreds of lawyers, journalists and an armchair judiciary of ordinary viewers who have abandoned Luke and Laura on General Hospital for the really hot soap opera of the new TV season: the Menendez trial, covered live and virtually gavel-to-gavel on Court TV.
Swaying the Home Jury By Massimo Calabresi. At http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,979945,00.html?iid=digg_share
gavel-to-gavel = Extending from the opening to the close.
gavel = A small mallet used by a presiding officer or an auctioneer to signal for attention or order or to mark the conclusion of a transaction.


During the Middle Ages, tournaments often contained a mêlée consisting of knights fighting one another on foot or while mounted, either divided into two sides or fighting as a free-for-all.
free-for-all = A disorderly fight, argument, or competition in which everyone present participates. (AHD)


She made another startling about-face.
about-face = a act of pivoting 180 degrees; a reversal in attitude or principle or point of view.


With the go-for-broke enthusiasm of youngsters trying out new toys, scientists are uncovering the mysteries of the brain with technology.
go for broke = risk everything in one big effort.


the Joker character in Batman (1989 film) considers himself to be an avant-garde artist.
Xah Lee
avant-garde = Characterized by the use of experimental techniques; daring; radical. avant-garde


The browsers were at the plug-ins era, and client-side Java being the whiz-bang of the time. Network-computing utopia was also jazzed about, as well as Virtual Reality web stuff like VRML.
2002-01 online post by Xah Lee; A memorial on web technology of late 1990s.
whiz-bang = One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful. (AHD) A small high-velocity shell; it makes a whizzing sound followed by a bang when it hits.


soldiers retreat in a pell-mell fashion
pell-mell = with undue hurry and confusion.