《The Tragedy Of Titus Andronicus》 by Shakespeare

1594, by William Shakespeare

titus lavinia

Notes from Xah Lee

Titus Andronicus is a tale of revenge. It is the first of Shakespeare's plays. It is one of the bloodiest literature.

The occasional image inserts are screenshots from the 1999 film adaptation, directed by Julie Taymor. DVD available at amazon. For more screenshots, see: Titus (screenshots). I highly recommend the film.

The annotations on the side are by me, Xah Lee, for the study of the English language and humanities. AHD = American Heritage Dictionary. JB = Jonathan Bate.

I started reading and annotating this work in , using nothing but Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. The bulk of the annotations are based on American Heritage Dictionary (AHD) and Wikipedia. First pass of annotation was completed in . Even reading this work word-for-word and looking up general references along the way (and having seen a wonderful film realization repeatedly), many terms, phrases, passages, allusions remain puzzling.

In , i started to re-read the work from professionally annotated sources, notably The Arden Shakespeare, (3rd ed, 1995), edited by Jonathan Bate (born 1958). amazon. Notes or direct quotes from him are indicated by “(JB)”.

Download the whole thing for $5. Use the paypal button below. In the comment field, put “titus zip file”. I'll email you the download link. Make sure your email address is included and correct.

Thanks to people on alt.usage.english in helping understanding and discussing this work. In particular, John Dean, Alan Jones, Mike Lyle, Pat Durkin, Donna Richoux, Lars Eighner, Josh Hill, CDB, Don Phillipson. (and more…)

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