Writing, Grammar, Style

  1. The Writing Style of Xah Lee
  2. To An or Not to An
  3. On “I” versus “i”
  4. On the Postposition of Conjunction in Penultimate Position of a Sequence
  5. Plurality in English Grammar
  6. Tenses In English
  7. The Meddling of English Article with Meaning
  8. What's Passive Voice? What's Aggressive Voice?
  9. The Harm of Active Voice in Online Dating
  10. A Philosophy of Writing Style: a Guide on Say and Express
  11. an Explication and Explanation (or, my writing style)
  12. on Speed Reading
  13. (today's) “To Do”
  14. Writing Honesty
  15. Elements of Style in English
  16. Art of Translation
  17. Poynter Institute, Language Log, Grammar

The Ethology of Jargons, Chantable Phrases, Obfuscations

  1. Chantable Phraseology
  2. Tom Cruise, 1984, NewSpeak, and the Language of Scientology
  3. Erik Naggum and the Phrase RIP

Phonetics, Symbols, Typography

  1. The Moronicities of Typography
  2. Oxford Comma
  3. English Phonetics: IPA vs American Heritage Dictionary vs Merriam-Webster
  4. Diacritics: Trema, Umlaut, Macron, Circumflex, and All That
  5. China Dollar Bill Multi-Lingual


  1. Intro to Chinese Punctuation
  2. How to Tell the Difference Between Chinese, Japanese, Korean?
  3. The Musical Qualities of Languages 📺

English Accents


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