Tom Cruise, 1984, NewSpeak, and the Language of Scientology

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

You have probably heard that George Orwell's fiction Nineteen Eighty-Four contains a thought controlling language.

If you are not familiar with the fiction, here's a intro from Wikipedia:

1984 is a dystopian novel about the totalitarian regime of the Party, an oligarchical collectivist society where life in the Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, pervasive government surveillance, public mind control, and the voiding of citizens' rights. In the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue), protagonist Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the Party's propaganda by revising historical records to render the Party omniscient and always correct, yet his meager existence disillusions him into rebellion against Big Brother, which leads to his arrest, torture, and conversion.

In the novel, it has a new language Newspeak, a language used by Big Brother to control thought.

I've never made the connection, but today, i realized, that there is actually one such language, in relative wide use, for the exact same purpose of thought control. That language, is the language of Scientology.

Here's a little example:

Two Scientologists meet on the street.

“How're you doing?” one asks the other.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I've been a bit out ruds because of a PTP with my second dynamic because of some bypassed charge having to do with my MEST at her apartment. When I moved in I gave her an R-factor and I thought we were in ARC about it, but lately she seems to have gone a bit PTS so I recommended she see the MAA at the AO to blow some charge and get her ethics in. He gave her a review to F/N and VGIs but she did a roller coaster, so I think there's an SP somewhere on her lines. I tried to audit her myself but she had a dirty needle and BIs and was acting really 1.1 so I finally sent her to Qual to spot the entheta on her lines. Other than that, everything's fine…”

This is excerpted from:

Perhaps you might think this is fiction. Actually, if you don't know already, in my teens (1990) i worked for Scientology for a month, so technically, i was a Scientologist. I experienced in this language environment for a month. Not to such heavy degree as depicted in the above made-up conversation, but again i'm just a new recruit doing mass-mailing labor for them. It never stroke me as a new language, but the aspect that they have their own dictionary and encyclopedia about everything made a good impression on me. You can read my story here: Scientology and Falun Gong.

You can also see this language in use, by Tom Cruise.

Actor Tom Cruise Scientology Video, leaked to the net. See: Source

Here's some scientology jargons he used:

You can read a short collection of their lingo here: