Lojban and Chinese, A Word A Day

By Xah Lee. Date:

clani = long = 长chang2

clani ≔ x1 is long in dimension/direction x2 (default longest dimension) by measurement standard x3
[(le tuple) be (le va nixli)] cu clani = that girl's legs are long = 那女孩腿很长
le tuple be ny cu centre ma = The legs of her (ny = le nixli) measure in centimeters how much? = 那 女孩 腿 几 公分

sovda = eggs =  蛋dan4

sovda ≔ x1 is an egg/ovum/sperm/pollen/gamete of/from organism [mother/father] x2
xu do citka le sovda = haven you eaten eggs? = 你吃过蛋吗?
(xu do citka le sovda) (ca (lo prulamdei))=did you eat eggs yesterday? = 你昨天有吃蛋吗?

kanro = healthy/well =  健jian4康kang1

kanro ≔ x1 is healthy/fit/well/in good health by standard x2
xu do kanro = are you healthy? = 你健康吗?

“xu …” = “is it true …” = “…吗”

mi na kanro ca lo prulamdei = i'm not well yesterday = 我昨天身体不好

na = not = 不

mi jdika (lo (ka mi kanro))=my health is declining = 我 身体 愈来愈 差了

“ka … [kei]” = “the property … ”. jdika = decrease.

mi jdika (lo (ka kanro kei) pa'a {lo nu (mi zenba) (lo ka nanca)})= (I decrease in health in-parallel-with my increasing in years)my health is declining as i age = 我 年纪 愈大 身体 愈 差

zenba = increase.

“pa'a …” = (parallel; shared property) similarly; in addition to …

prulamdei = yesterday =  昨天zhuo2tiang1

(mi te vecnu (lo xrula)) (ca (lo prulamdei))=i bought flower yesterday = 昨天我買了花

“x1 f x2 x3” = “x3 te f x2 x1”. “ca” = present, currently.

xrula = flower =  花hua1

xrula ≔ x1 is a/the flower/blossom/bloom [body-part] of plant/species x2; (adjective:) x1 is floral
ta xrula cu melbi = that flower is beautiful = 那花真飘亮

真zhen1=true, truely.

zo'e pu vecnu le xrula ku mi = someone sold me flower = 有人賣了花給我

“pu” = indicates past. “le … ku” = the thing.

tricu = tree =  树shu4

tricu ≔ x1 is a tree of species/cultivar x2
mi djica nu viska le tricu kei = I wish to see a tree = 我想要见树

viska = see. “nu…kei” = a abstract idea.

mi djica nu viska le tricu .a le flecu kei = i wish to see a tree or running water = 我想要见树或流水

“.a” = or. viska = see. tricu = curent/river.