Lojban and Chinese, A Word A Day

By Xah Lee. Date:

zenba = increase=~多duo1;加jia1

zenba ≔ x1 (experiencer) increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity x2 by amount x3
ko zenba lo ka sutra = faster = 快点

“lo” is an article. ka = quality; property.

多 = many; more. 加 = add. 快 = fast. 点 = little; some; bit; point. 快点 = faster a bit; faster.

blanu = blue = 藍lan2

blanu ≔ x1 is blue
ta blanu je zdani = that is-blue and is-a-house = 那是蓝色也是房fang2子

je = and. 房 = room. 房子 = house. 蓝 = 藍

xunre = red = 紅 hong2

xunre ≔ x1 is red/crimson/ruddy [color adjective]
barda je xunre gerku = big and red, dog = 大da4红狗gou3

barda = big, gerku = dog, je = and.

大 = big, 狗 = dog.

Lojban grammar: See section 6.2 at http://lojban.org/publications/reference_grammar/chapter5.html

jundi ≈ listen, attentive ≈ 听 ting1

jundi ≔ x1 is attentive towards/attends/tends/pays attention to object/affair x2
mi jundi = i listen = 我听
mi ca jundi = i'm listening = 我在听 wo zai4 ting1
mi pu jundi = i listened = 我听了le3

the “ca” before the main word means “presently, now, current”. The “pu” means past.

mi jundi le nuzba = i listen to news = 我听新闻xin1wen2

聽 = 听. 在 = at. 了 is usually added at the end to mean past. 新 = new. 闻 = news.

brife = wind = 风 feng1

brife ≔ x1 is a breeze/wind/gale from direction x2 with speed x3; x1 blows from x2
berti brife = northen wind = 北风 bei3 feng1