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Lojban is a artificial language based on logic. It is a constructed language designed to remove syntax-level ambiguity that are in natural languages.

Lojban attempts to enhance logical thinking and efficient communication by providing a protocol of human communication (i.e. language), using modern knowledge as the basis in its design. The real practical value of lojban, is as a study of the semantics of human communication.

Lojban A Word A Day + 中文 with voice recordings

Brief Introduction to Lojban (in the works)

lojban translated
“if you learned to speak lojban, your communication would be completely umambiguous & logical.” “Yeah, but it would all be with the kind of people who learn lojban.” (http://xkcd.com/191/)

Lojban Grammar

Lojban Grammar

Lojban Word List

Below is the core word list grouped them into categories. (the grouping is informal as a by-product of learning, and is not absolute or correct or complete in anyway.)

Complete core word list: gismu_lean.txt; and Complete cmavo list, very good for reference: cmavo2.html


In the Land of Invented Languages: Adventures in Linguistic Creativity, Madness, and Genius By Arika Okrent. @ amazon