Chapter 17: As Easy As A-B-C? The Lojban Letteral System And Its Uses

1. What's a letteral, anyway?

2. A to Z in Lojban, plus one

3. Upper and lower cases

4. The universal “bu”

5. Alien alphabets

6. Accent marks and compound lerfu words

7. Punctuation marks

8. What about Chinese characters?

9. lerfu words as pro-sumti

10. References to lerfu

11. Mathematical uses of lerfu strings

12. Acronyms

13. Computerized character codes

14. List of all auxiliary lerfu-word cmavo

15. Proposed lerfu words — introduction

16. Proposed lerfu words for the Greek alphabet

17. Proposed lerfu words for the Cyrillic alphabet

18. Proposed lerfu words for the Hebrew alphabet

19. Proposed lerfu words for some accent marks and multiple letters

20. Proposed lerfu words for radio communication

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