Chinese Fonts on Windows Mac Linux


This page shows list of fonts that are installed by default on Windows, Mac, Linux, as of 2012-04.

Microsoft Windows

Nametarget scriptNotes
DFKai-SBTraditional Chinese◇
FangSongSimplified Chinese◇
Microsoft JhengHeiTraditional Chinese◇
Microsoft YaHeiSimplified Chinese◇
MingLiUTraditional Chinese◇
MingLiU-ExtBTraditional Chinese◇
SimHeiSimplified Chinese◇
SimKaiSimplified Chinese◇
SimSun (includes NSimSun)Simplified Chinese◇
NSimSun (lit. New SimSun)Simplified Chinese◇
SimSun-ExtBSimplified Chinese◇


Font NameNotes
Apple LiGothicTraditional Chinese
Apple LiSungTraditional Chinese
BeijingSimplified Chinese; bitmap only
BiauKaiTraditional Chinese
Fang SongSimplified Chinese
KaiSimplified Chinese
LiHei ProTraditional Chinese
NISC GB18030Chinese; bitmap only; not depicted below; named "GB18030 Bitmap" in font lists
SongRegular Chinese
ST FangSongSimplified Chinese
ST Heiti, RegularSimplified Chinese
ST KaitiSimplified Chinese
ST SongSimplified Chinese
TaipeiTraditional Chinese; bitmap only; not depicted below



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