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A Modest Proposal (by Jonathan Swift) (repost)

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my frend, u dont no English

Draw a breth for progress,
Tred abrest ahed.
Fight agenst old spelling,
Better “red” than “read”.
Spred the words at brekfast,
Mesure them in bed,
Dream of welth and tresure,
Better “ded” than “dead”.


English-language spelling reform

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etymology of pettifogger

programer = pettifogger, mousing to'n'fro, daily.

1560s, from petty; the second element possibly from obsolete Dutch focker, from Flemish focken “to cheat,” or from cognate Middle English fugger, from Fugger the renowned family of merchants and financiers of 15c.-16c. Augsburg. In German, Flemish and Dutch, the name became a word for “monopolist, rich man, usurer.”

A ‘petty Fugger’ would mean one who on a small scale practices the dishonourable devices for gain popularly attributed to great financiers; it seems possible that the phrase ‘petty fogger of the law,’ applied in this sense to some notorious person, may have caught the popular fancy. [OED first edition, in a rare burst of pure speculation]

However, OED also calls attention to pettifactor “legal agent who undertakes small cases” (1580s), which, though attested slightly later, might be the source of this. Related: Pettifoggery.

etymology of pettifogger

hit statue rock bottom
“i knew the moment, when i slapped this statue on the ass, that i had hit rock bottom”

♪ “the Borderline” from ♪ “Macross Plus”, Meaning of Sultry

The word sultry, describes this song.