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The lure of vocabulary, the depth of literature, the question of style, the logic of linguistics, the ills of English, and the cure by writing.

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World Literature Classics

World Literature Classics. A Collection of World Literature Classics, with annotations. Arabian Nights, Alice in Wonderland, Jonathan Swift, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, H G Wells, Marquis de Sade… (20+ fictions and non-fictions).


Dictionary Reviews

English Vocabulary

Vocabulary Compilation with Usage Examples. 5 thousand words with usage examples.

Musing on English, Style, Notation, Writing Systems, …

Language & English. Yours truely shows off unorthodox skillz by essaying. 60 essays.

English Accents

English Accents. YouTube videos related to accents or speech. 20 pages.

Linguistics & Logic

lojban (artificial language) Some reference and tutorial on the logical language lojban. 38 pages plus complete lojban reference.


Chinese Language; 李杀中文研究笔记 Musings related to Chinese. 32 pages.