Fashion Alices (Photography; Haute Couture)

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“An evening gown by Robert Cary-Williams covered in Alice in Wonderland illustrations.”. Source: «Trying On for Sighs: U.K. Art Show Encourages Attendees to Wear Its Designer Exhibits»

Alice in Vogue

The following is a selection of a series of fashion photography based on Alice, published in 2003 December. The female model is Natalia Vodianova (born 1982). The photographer is Annie Leibovitz (born 1949). This was published by Vogue magazine.

Alice (Natalia Vodianova) and Lewis Carroll (fashion director Olivier Theyskens (born 1977)).
«Alas! it was too late to wish that! She went on growing, and growing, and very soon had to kneel down on the floor: in another minute there was not even room for this, and she tried the effect of lying down with one elbow against the door, and the other arm curled round her head.» —Chapter 4.
Alice meets the catepillar. —Chapter 5.
Alice holding the boy-turned pig. —Chapter 6.
Alice in a tea-party with Mad Hatter and the Dormouse. —Chapter 7.
“Off with her head” shouts the “queen”. —Chapter 8.
The tale of the Gryphon and Mock Turtle. —Chapter 9.
Through The Looking-Glass. —Looking Glass, Chapter 1.
Tweedledum and tweedledee and Alice. —Looking Glass, Chapter 4.

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