Fortress of Doors

American McGee's Alice
In the center of this fortress is a “skool” for the insane.
American McGee's Alice
One may not see from a still, but the house in the middle teeters, swaying to the right and to the left maybe every 10 seconds. If we have such a house in reality, it would be quite something.
American McGee's Alice
Alice killing a boojum. The Cheshire Cat hints her the power of her playing cards.

American McGee's Alice

  1. Intro
  2. Village of the Doomed
  3. Dementia
  4. Pandemonium
  5. Fortress of Doors
  6. Beyond the Wall
  7. Vale of Tears
  8. Wholly Morel Ground
  9. Rolling Stones
  10. Icy Reception
  11. Mirror Image
  12. Crazed Clockwork
  13. Land of Fire and Brimstone
  14. Queensland


  1. Gallery
  2. Game Setup
  3. Gallery
  4. Gallery
  5. Gallery